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Grounds for Disciplinary Action

Dow Aero Logistics reserves the right to discipline or terminate any employee who violates Company policies, protocols, practices, or rules of conduct. Poor work performance and misconduct are also grounds for Disciplinary Action, up to termination of employment.

The following actions are unacceptable and considered grounds for Disciplinary Action. This list is not comprehensive; rather, it is meant merely as an example of the types of conduct that the Company does not tolerate. These actions include, but are not limited to:

  • Engaging in acts of discrimination or harassment in the workplace;
  • Possessing or distributing illicit controlled substances;
  • Being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol at work, on company premises, or while engaged in Company business;
  • Unauthorized use of company assets, equipment, devices, or assets;
  • Damage, destruction, or theft of company assets, equipment, devices or other property;
  • Removing company assets without prior authorization or disseminating company information without authorization;
  • Theft employee-owned property;
  • Falsification, misrepresentation, or omission of information, documents or records;
  • Lying;
  • Insubordination or refusal to comply with directives;
  • Failing to adequately perform job responsibilities;
  • Excessive or unexcused absenteeism or tardiness;
  • Disclosing confidential or proprietary company information without permission;
  • Illegal or violent activity;
  • Falsifying injury reports or reasons for leave;
  • Possessing unauthorized weapons on premises;
  • Disregard for safety and security procedures;
  • Disparaging or disrespecting supervisor, manager, and/or coworkers; and
  • Any other action or conduct that is inconsistent with Company policies, procedures, standards, or expectations.

This list exhibits the types of actions or events that are subject to disciplinary action. It is not intended to indicate every act that could lead to disciplinary action. A direct/indirect manager and/or Human Resources reserves the right to determine the severity and extent of any disciplinary action based on the circumstances of each case.

Types of Discipline

Disciplinary action is any one of a number of options used to correct unacceptable behavior or actions. Discipline may take the form of oral or written warnings, probation, suspension, demotion, or some other disciplinary action, in no particular order. The course of action will be determined by the Company at its sole discretion as it deems appropriate.

The following are typical procedures for the Company’s disciplinary actions. This is not all-inclusive or intended to provide strict interpretations of the Company’s disciplinary actions. Actual procedures and processes may vary depending on specific events that require disciplinary action.

Informal Warnings

Informal warnings will be presented by a direct or indirect manager, or Human Resources. The employee will be advised of the reasoning for the informal warning and will be provided details on how to prevent future discipline action. The informal warning will be privately documented in the Company’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS), BambooHR, as a permanent employment record.

Written Warnings

Written warnings, or write-ups, will involve use of the Company's Disciplinary Action Form and will be processed by a direct or indirect manager, or Human Resources. The employee’s direct manager and/or Human Resources will deliver the completed Disciplinary Action Form and discuss the reasoning for the written warning and details on avoiding future disciplinary action. Employees will be allowed to add a comment to the Disciplinary Action Form as needed. Refusal to sign the Disciplinary Action Form may result in additional disciplinary action. Upon completion of the form, the permanent employment record will remain accessible to the employee, direct and indirect manager, and Human Resouces staff through the Company’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS), BambooHR.


Suspensions based on disciplinary action will be enforced without pay. Suspensions can either be initiated with a predetermined end date, or may be labeled as indefinite until an investigation can be completed or until proper disciplinary action can be determined. Suspension can be a result of, but not limited to drug and/or alcohol abuse, harassment, or other serious Company policy violations. Suspensions will involve use of the Company's Disciplinary Action Form and will be processed by Human Resources. The employee’s direct manager and Human Resources, if possible, will deliver the completed Disciplinary Action Form and discuss the reasoning for the suspension and any additional details that are available at that time. 

Employees who return to duty following a suspension will be required to complete a post-suspension interview where final remarks will be presented, including details on avoiding future disciplinary action.


Demotion may come in the form of job position/task reduction and/or a decrease in compensation. Demotion is most common a result of poor job performance, or repetitive and/or severe disciplinary action. Employees may receive a Disciplinary Action Form and will receive council from the employee’s direct/indirect manager and/or Human Resources.

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