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Work Performance


Dow Aero expects every employee to act in a professional manner. Satisfactory performance of job duties and responsibilities is key to this expectation. Employees should attempt to achieve their job objectives, and act with diligence and consideration at all times.

Forward any questions about performance expectations to your direct and/or indirect manager.


The Company may periodically evaluate an employee’s performance. The goal of a performance review is to identify areas where an employee excels and areas that need improvement. The Company uses performance reviews as a tool to determine pay increases, promotions, discipline actions, or termination. 

Employees should note that a performance review does not guarantee a pay increase or promotion. Documented performance evaluations may be made at anytime to advise employees of unacceptable performance. Evaluations or any subsequent change in employment status, position, or pay does not alter the employee’s at will-relationship with the Company.

Questions regarding assessments may be forwarded to your direct/indirect manager, and/or Human Resources as appropriate.

Manager/Employee Working Relationship

Managers and employees should interact with mutual respect and common courtesy. Employees are expected to take instruction from a direct or indirect manager, along with any other persons of authority. Failure to comply with instruction or unreasonably delaying compliance are examples of insubordination.

If an employee disagrees with a manager, the employee should first try to mediate the situation by explaining their position. If possible, a compromise might be met and accusations of insubordination avoided.

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