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Time Off

All employees are required to notify a direct manager through BambooHR when requesting to take time off for any amount of time. Once requested, your direct or indirect manager, or Human Resources may approve or deny the request for multiple reasons including, but not limited to current Company resources and/or individual or department job tasks. The Company is flexible in approving time off when doing so does not interfere with operations.

You are required to submit request for vacations as soon as practicable, but no less than two (2) weeks in advance. Situations where an employee takes time off to address medical or other health concerns are expected to provide notice to a direct manager as soon as practicable, but preferably no later than one (1) hour before the start of your shift.

Paid Leave

The Company provides paid time off (PTO) for non-exempt employees with an employment status of full-time. Paid time off (PTO) is accrued for every eligible hour worked, however the rate of accrual provided per hour depends on the length of employment. These amounts are determined by levels, which are detailed below.

Paid Time Off Accruals

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


When Paid Time Off Does Accrue


Normal Hours


Approved Overtime


When Paid Time Off Does Not Accrue

Unapproved Overtime

Paid Time Off Used

Paid Holidays

Unpaid Time Off


Business Travel

Situations may arise where traveling for business purposes may be required for an employee. Although employees taking business travel will still be completing work for the Company, using this time off type will provide your fellow coworkers notice that you will not be on-site. This also provides historical records that can easily be review when determining the exact timeframe or date of a certain business trip.

Employees will be paid for business travel appropriate to the duties and responsibilities of the trip and in accordance with federal and state law.


Compensatory Time

Compensatory time, a.k.a. Comp Time, is time worked by an Exempt employee beyond their required number of work hours. The required number of work hours is often calculated at forty (40) hours per week for Exempt employees.

This time off category can only be used by employees with a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) employment status of Exempt.


Family Leave

Description coming soon...



In instances where an employee experiences a death of a partner, family member, or close friend the Company respects and understands that time may be needed away from the workplace for grief and to attend funeral services. 

The Company will allow an employee to take five (5) days of time off per instance, with the flexibility of more time off depending on the situation. Time off will be on an unpaid basis, but employees may use paid time off if available and desired.

In instances where bereavement is to be used please notify your direct manager when possible.


Jury Duty


The Company understands that occasionally employees are called to serve on a jury. Employees who are selected for jury duty must provide a copy of their jury summons to Human Resources. Time taken for jury duty is granted on an unpaid basis in a majority of cases; cases in which exemptions apply will be granted compensation up to in accordance with Federal and State laws.

This leave shall be requested two weeks prior to the event if possible.


Military Leave

Employees called to active military duty, military reserve, or National Guard service may be eligible to receive time off under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994. To receive time off, employees must provide notice and a copy of their report orders to a manager or Human Resources. Military leave is granted on an unpaid basis. Use Vacation/Sick Leave if you wish to use paid time off accrual.

Upon return with an honorable discharge, an employee may be entitled to reinstatement and any applicable job benefits they would have received if present, to the extent provided by law.

This leave shall be requested two weeks prior to the event.


Floating Holiday

Full-time employees with at least a year of service with the Company receive two (2) days of floating holidays per year in addition to normal paid leave accruals and paid Company holidays. These floating holidays allow employees to have additional paid leave to cover absences for personal reasons, such as religious observances or parent-teacher conferences, or to supplement paid leave. 

Floating holidays are available at the beginning of each calendar year. Floating holidays may be used to cover full or partial-day absences and must be taken in the calendar year in which provided. Under no circumstances will these days be carried over to the next calendar year, nor may they be cashed-out if not taken or paid upon termination of employment.

This leave shall be requested two weeks prior to the event.



All employees are encouraged to participate in elections. The Company grants incremental time off to cast a ballot in an election, and is granted on a paid basis for full-time employees, including Temporary and Contractor employees whom work a full-time schedule, in accordance with state law. Employees must provide Human Resources proof before compensation will be provided. Should extenuating circumstances arise while voting, notify a direct or indirect manager as soon as possible.

This leave shall be requested at least one day before Election Day.


Leave of Absence

Employees of all employment classifications may request an unpaid leave of absence after the exhaustion of paid leave. A request for a leave of absence must be submitted in writing in advance to Human Resources.

Leave of absences that are granted are unpaid, and will not be considered until an employee has exhausted all appropriate accrued leave balances. Continuation of employee benefits during a leave of absence will be addressed on an individual basis, as required by law.


The Company observes the following holidays on a paid basis for Company employees with a Full-time employment status: 

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

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