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Personal Visitors

Personal Visitors in the Workplace

As a general rule, employees may not allow access to Company facilities to unauthorized personal visitors. However, exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Employees may bring visitors to Company events, where personal visitors are permitted, or after obtaining authorization from your direct or indirect manager.

All personal visitors must arrive and depart using the facility’s main entry and will be required to sign into the visitor’s log. Any visitor brought to the workplace will be the responsibility of the employee. Personal visitors are not permitted to enter restricted areas.

Children in the Workplace

The presence of children in the workplace with an employee (parent) during the employee’s workday is to be avoided except in for emergency situations. This policy is established to avoid disruptions in job duties of the employee and coworkers, reduce property liability, and help maintain the company’s professional work environment.

If bringing a child to work with the employee is unavoidable, the employee must contact his/her direct manager as soon as possible to discuss the situation and obtain permission to have the child accompany the employee while working. Factors managers will consider are:

  • The age of the child.
  • How long the child needs to be present.
  • The work environment in the employee’s area.
  • Any possible disruption to the employee’s and co-workers’ work.

Consideration will not be given to allowing a child with an illness to come to work with the employee.

Children may only arrive and depart using the facility’s main entry, but signing into the visitor’s log is not necessary for children under the age of sixteen (16). A child brought to the workplace in unavoidable situations will be the responsibility of the employee (parent). A child must be accompanied and be under the direct supervision of the employee (parent) at all times. Under no exception will a child be permitted to enter restricted areas.

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