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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What will my working hours be?

The Company, as with most of our employees, will generally operate between 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with the exception of national holidays. Nevertheless, your exact working hours will vary depending on the role and current workload. Please ask your interviewer for normal working hours for the position you've applied for.

Will I be expected to work overtime?

Perhaps. Depending on your department, or your own workload you may be expected to work overtime on occasion. Your direct manager will provide as much notice as possible when overtime will be necessary. If you believe you will require overtime in any given work-week you will be expected to get prior approval from your direct manager.

Initial Probationary Period

What is the initial probationary period?

The initial probationary period is an introductory period that is completed by new employees at the start of their employment with the Company. During this time your actual employer will be a temporary employment agency, but you will perform your job duties for Dow Aero Logistics like any other employee. During this time you will be paid by the temporary employment agency and in accordance with their payroll policies and procedures.

Who is the temporary employment agency?

For our Oklahoma City locations, 365Worx is our approved temporary employment agency. For locations outside the greater Oklahoma City area the temporary employment agency may vary. Note that you are not expected to apply with a temporary employment agency immediately after applying for a position; please await instruction from Dow Aero Logistics before applying with a temporary employment agency.

How long does this period generally last?

On average the initial probationary period may last around ninety (90) days following your Hire Date. The actual length of this period will vary, and as such the Company will not typically commit to an end date to your probationary period at the start of your employment. The Company may reduce or extend this period at its own discretion, with or without notice and with or without cause.

Will I be eligible for Company benefits during this period?

No, Company benefits which include, but are not limited to paid time off (PTO), healthcare insurance, or retirement plans are not available during an initial probationary period.

Can I be exempt from this period?

Typically every new hire will be expected to complete an initial probationary period at the beginning of their employment with the Company. Exceptions will sometimes apply, but are usually granted only to previous employees whom are in good standing with the Company and that have only been away from the Company for a short time. Regardless, in any case an exemption from completing the initial probationary period shall be documented within an offer letter thats provided by the Company to the prospective candidate. 


Do you offer paid time off?

Yes, non-exempt employees with an employment status of full-time are eligible to accrue paid time off (PTO) for time worked. You will generally receive over forty (40) hours of PTO within your first official year with the Company. The accrual rate increases over the length of your employment with the Company.

Do you offer paid holidays?

Yes, employees with an employment status of Full-Time (Regular) are eligible to receive paid holidays.

Do you offer healthcare insurance coverage?

Yes, we offer our employees and their families the option to enroll in the Company's healthcare insurance plans. 

Do you offer dental insurance coverage?

Yes, we currently offer our employees and their families the option to enroll in the Company's dental insurance plan. 

When would I be eligible to enroll in the healthcare and/or dental insurance coverage?

To be eligible for the Company's healthcare and/or dental plans an employee shall have an employment status of Full-Time (Regular).

Do you offer vision insurance coverage?

No, at this time we do not offer vision insurance coverage to employees or their families. 

Do you offer a 401(k) retirement plan?

Yes, we offer both Traditional 401(k) and Roth 401(k) to eligible employees.

Do you match 401(k) contributions?

Yes, we'll match your contributions for the first 3%. Should you contribute 4%, we will contribute 3.5% and finally should you contribute 5% or higher, the Company will contribute up to 4%.

When would I be eligible to enroll in the 401(k) plan?

To be eligible for the Company's 401(k) Plan an employee shall have an employment status of Full-Time (Regular) and have officially worked with the Company for one year.

Do you offer Health Savings Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Tuition Assistance, etc?

No, however we regularly evaluate adding new benefit packages and offerings for our employees. 

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Will I be expected to complete a pre-employment drug and/or alcohol test prior to starting?

Yes, all employees are expected to successfully receive a negative result for the use of drugs. Employees with a Job Function Status of Safety-Sensitive will also be required to successfully receive a negative result for the use of alcohol. 

Job Functions Status, Safety-Sensitive, Non Safety-Sensitive... What are these terms?

Job Function Status - Refers to the status of whether an employee is considered Safety-Sensitive or Non Safety-Sensitive.

Safety-Sensitive - These employees shall comply with Company policy and any test performed will be processed in accordance with Company policy, along with federal and state law. Additionally, processing will comply with the regulatory requirements set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Transportation (DOT). As a result your test results will be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) and kept on record by a Company approved consortium, before being returned to the Company's Designated Employer Representative (DER).

Non Safety-Sensitive - These employees shall also comply with Company policy, but any testing performed will be processed in accordance with Company policy, along with federal and state law alone. In this case the results will immediately be returned to Human Resources.

Am I subject to random drug and alcohol testing throughout my employment?

Yes, all employees are subject to submit to random drug and/or alcohol screenings throughout employment with the Company.