Applicant Privacy Policy

Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information

The following describes how Dow Aero Logistics, LLC, a.k.a. Dow Aero, (“Company”) as data controller collects, processes, and uses the personal information you submit for purposes of processing your application of employment. Personal information includes any information relating to you, that identifies you, or that could reasonably be used to identify you, and that is recorded in any form.

Processing Your Personal Information

Any personal information you provide to the Company will be:

  • Used to process your application of employment for the specific position you have applied for;
  • Used to process your application of employment for other available positions within the Company which may be suitable to you; and
  • Retain for consideration for other similar positions available within the Company at a later date.

Transfer of Personal Information

By submitting your personal information you transfer your personal information to the Company in the United States. We’ll store your personal information on file in secure locations at Dow Aero offices in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, or in other secure locations as may change from time to time. Your personal information may be shared with other Company entities and subsidiaries to contact you about other job openings.

Security for Your Personal Information

The Company has multiple layers of security measures to protect your personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and/or destruction. The security measures are implemented and maintained in accordance with legal, organizational, and technological developments.

Use of Third-Party Service Providers

The Company may use third-party service providers with whom the Company contracts as part of its normal business operations to carry out certain human resources (e.g. background check provider) or information technology -related functions (e.g. hosting services). The Company shall:

  • Diligently choose such third-party service providers;
  • Ensure that such third-party service providers have adequate technical and organizational security measures to safeguard your personal information when transmitting and/or receiving personal information to/from the Company; and
  • That such third-party service providers only use your personal information as instructed by the Company and for no other purposes.

Correctness of Personal Information

By consenting to this Candidate Privacy Policy, you confirm that all information you provide is complete and accurate. Inaccurate information may result in a denial for continued consideration of employment, up to legal action depending on severity and scope of the situation as applicable to regulatory requirements, along with state and federal law.

Rectification, Additional Information, and Retracting Consent

In order to access, rectify, and update your personal information, please select here.

If you have any questions about the Applicant Privacy Policy or if you would like to retract your consent, please select here.