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AED Inspection

The container's alarm is operational
WARNING: Alarm is loud. Hearing protection recommended. You may turn off the alarm during inspection.
The AED's protective storage case does not have any damage *
The AED's protective storage case zipper functions properly *
The AED's outer casing is clean *
If dirty, clean ONLY with a soft cloth dampened in soapy water. Do NOT use alcohol or other strong solvents.
The AED's outer casing is undamaged *
The pads are not within three months of expiring *
The AED's green light flashes once at regular intervals *
The additional CPR/AED supply bag is attached to the AED's protective storage case *
The CPR/AED supply bag contains an adequate level of supplies *
1 CPR mask | 2 pairs of plastic gloves | 1 antiseptic cleaning wipe | 1 sterile razor
If you choose "No" at anytime make a note in this field.
Inspector's Name *
Inspector's Name
Date Inspected *
Date Inspected