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The 5-axis CNC milling machine  cutting the metal gear part. The hi-technology automotive

Machining &

Machining & Fabrication

Running the spectrum: From low volume CNC machining runs to large volume production runs.

  • Cold start and turn-key production services

  • Build to print

  • Post machining processing

  • Non-destructive testing/inspection

  • Close tolerances in aerospace aluminum alloys, hard metal and plastics

  • High speed and hard metal complex 3, 4 and 5-axis machining complex geometry.

Making Your Needs Our Deliverables

  • Many processes that require anywhere from 5-9 setup steps, we can reduce to just 2 setup steps.

  • Run various bar material, both hex and round, up to 7.5” outside diameter

  • High-capacity machine

  • Up to 84” of travel in X axis

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